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Amanda Lawrence Discussed "Consumer Finance Class Action Litigation and Settlement Trends and New and Emerging Procedural Consideration Including Ascertainability of Class and Class Members, Offers in Judgment, and More" at ACI’s 29th National Conference

Chicago, IL

The C5 Group, comprising The Canadian Institute, American Conference Institute (ACI) and C5 in Europe, is a leading global events and business intelligence company. This session discussed:

  • Assessing the evolving landscape of class litigation
  • Overview of recent noteworthy class action cases and settlements
  • What is now required in order to obtain or defeat class certification?
  • Issues relating to the ascertainability of class and class members
  • Evaluating recent developments relating to Rule 23(b) class certifications
  • Recent developments in class action law and their impact on consumer finance litigation
  • Examining lower courts’ ruling on Campbell on Rule 63 offers of judgement
  • Using statistical evidence of class cases
  • Denying class certification – Microsoft v. Baker