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Amanda R. Lawrence discussed "New privacy legislation: Preparing for a major source of class action and enforcement activity going forward" at the American Conference Institute Consumer Finance Class Actions, Litigation & Government Enforcement Actions

This session:

  • Assessed the impact of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and analogous efforts in other states on the financial industry
  • Examined ambiguities in the scope of the private right of action under the CCPA, which are likely to be debated in litigated
  • Explored ways in which the plaintiffs’ bar is leveraging the CCPA despite restrictions on a private right of action, and delve into the first wave of class actions filed since the law took effect
  • Learned how consumers’ increased online presence in the coronavirus crisis and financial service providers’ continued tracking of online activity is likely to provide ground for privacy-related disputes
  • Anticipated CCPA actions against the industry in light of the California AG’s refusal to defer enforcement amid the pandemic

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