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Buckley partner Tina Tchen launches HABIT training firm

Buckley partner Tina Tchen and attorney Roberta Kaplan have launched HABIT — a firm that will provide training and compliance programs to help companies, c-suite executives, and board directors reshape workplace culture and create safer, more productive working environments for all of their employees.

HABIT (Harassment, Acceptance, Bias, and Inclusion Training) provides tailored, in-house programs for anti-sexual harassment, bystander intervention, and unconscious-bias training. While traditional training programs focus almost entirely on avoiding litigation, HABIT promotes equality, respect, and diversity as fundamental to the workplace.

Tina Tchen leads Buckley’s Workplace Cultural Compliance practice and its Chicago office. She was previously Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls, and Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama. “HABIT will enable employers to move beyond the traditional compliance-centric approach to addressing workplace harassment, and will bring our expertise and perspective to help companies build a stronger workplace culture,” she said.

Tchen and Kaplan were among a small group of women leaders who in January 2018 founded the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, which connects those who experience sexual harassment, misconduct, abuse, and related retaliation in the workplace with legal and public relations assistance.

Helena Cawley will serve as HABIT’s president, overseeing the day-to-day running of the business. She is a seasoned entrepreneur who has launched numerous successful businesses. She previously worked as a corporate attorney and received her J.D. from New York University Law School.

To learn more about HABIT, please visit

HABIT Advisors, LLC provides training and compliance services distinct from the legal services of Buckley LLP. HABIT Advisors, LLC does not have an attorney-client relationship with its clients and its services are not subject to the rules and protections of the attorney-client relationship.

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