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Buckley joins the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance

Buckley LLP joined the Law Firm Antiracism Alliance, a coalition of 120+ law firms that is committed to identifying and dismantling racism in society.

The LFAA will leverage the resources of the private bar to give voice to communities and individuals oppressed by racism; use the law as a vehicle for change; and promote racial equality at law firms and government institutions.

“We have a unique obligation and ability as legal professionals to use the law to help create a better, more just society where all citizens are treated equally,” said Buckley Managing Partner Benjamin B. Klubes. “We are confident that the collective power of the Alliance has the potential to effect change and bring about some much-needed tangible results.”

In addition to being a part of this new coalition, Buckley launched an internal Unity Initiative for Equal Justice, which provides opportunities for both lawyers and professional staff to get involved in eight areas of concern, ranging from pro bono representation of protestors to community outreach and internally-focused education and communication efforts.

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