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Buckley launches Winnow – A powerful online database of state regulatory requirements

Buckley LLP is pleased to announce the launch of Winnow, an innovative offering that allows financial and lending institutions to generate custom state regulatory surveys and searches by business type, license, product, and geographic market.

Regulatory and compliance professionals can query Winnow's online database covering more than 44,500 individual state regulatory requirements that apply to the entire lifecycle of mortgage, auto, credit card, consumer, and commercial-purpose lending and financing. It also covers topics related to those products' lending and servicing, including marketing and advertising, debt collection, telemarketing, notary requirements, electronic signatures and documents, powers of attorney, and privacy and data security. Rather than wade through costly reports filled with irrelevant provisions, Winnow customers generate, export, and save tailored surveys in a matter of moments — and receive automated updates any time the law changes.

Winnow solves many challenges other products have unsuccessfully attempted to address. It optimizes search results, tailors them to customer preferences, categorizes legal requirements consistently, and incorporates key definitions. More than 140 Buckley attorneys have invested over a combined 42,000 hours in Winnow's development.

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