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APPROVED Webcast: 2021 licensing trends: Turning predictions into practice

What will regulators actually focus on going forward regarding licensing requirements and business operations? Last year’s trends in changing requirements and processes offer some clues, and it is all but certain that Covid-related impacts and changes to federal and state administrations will play a role.

Panelists shared practical advice on how financial services companies can prepare to handle potential regulatory changes and develop strategies to comply with licensing and maintenance requirements. The conversation featured a regulatory perspective from Tim Doyle, Senior Vice President of CSBS, including an overview of networked supervision, its goals, and effects on state licensing. We also shared licensing requirement trends that we have recorded — and tracked in Mogy — throughout the past year to develop additional predictions about licensing trends and how they might shape best practices.


  • Tim Doyle – SVP, Business Services | Conference of State Bank Supervisors
  • Kathryn Goodman – Counsel | Buckley LLP
  • Lanz Lipana – Licensing and Regulatory Research Manager | APPROVED

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