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Your Institution's Public HMDA Data and What to Do with It

Warren W. Traiger

After reviewing the HMDA data, Waren Traiger has highlighted some of the key fair lending-related findings and provided recommendations lenders should to better understand what their data shows.

In an annual rite of autumn, on September 18 the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council released 2011 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data for U.S. mortgage lenders. The public data contains information regarding nearly all home mortgage applications acted on in the prior calendar year, designated by loan purpose (i.e., home purchase, home refinance and home improvement). The HMDA data covers home loan applications made to over 7,600 U.S. financial institutions, including banks, savings associations, credit unions and mortgage companies, and contains information on approximately 11.7 million applications, 7.1 million originations and 2.9 million purchases.

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