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"#MeToo identified a disease that infects business. We still have a long way to go" by Tina Tchen (CNN Business Perspectives)

CNN Business Perspectives

Tina Tchen

When we think about the #MeToo movement, we often think about the high-profile cases — the Harvey Weinsteins, Bill Cosbys and Matt Lauers. But in the past year, thousands of women — and yes, men, too — have come forward.

They don't make the front page, but their stories are no less important. Workplace sexual harassment is a disease that infects all industries. But for some, it can be nearly impossible to find a way out of a dangerous situation.

Since January, the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund has received more than 3,500 requests for assistance from workers in more than 60 different industries in all 50 states. Two-thirds of requests came from low-income workers. Nearly 40% are women of color and one in 10 are in the LGBTQ community. We've connected them with attorneys that have offered their assistance, often pro bono or at a reduced fee.

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