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"Navigating today’s biometric landscape" by Elizabeth E. McGinn, Scott T. Sakiyama, Magda Gathani, and Garylene D. Javier (Cybersecurity Law Report)

Cybersecurity Law Report

Elizabeth E. McGinn, Scott T. Sakiyama, Magda Gathani

Biometrics-based authentication of payments and other transactions has been on the rise for the past several years, promising unparalleled convenience and security for consumers. However, the distinctive nature of biometric features that confers its advantages is also the source of the technology’s critical risk. Companies using biometric data need to understand the shifting regulatory landscape both here and internationally and the pressing security and privacy considerations. Protecting consumers’ biometric data is essential and companies deploying biometrics-based authentication should take deliberate steps to ensure appropriate safeguards.

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Originally published in Cybersecurity Law Report; reprinted with permission.

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