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Colorado Division of Real Estate Adopts New Rules Regarding Mortgage Brokers

State Issues

The Colorado Division of Real Estate recently adopted two new rules for mortgage brokers regarding (i) mortgage broker licensing education requirements (Rule 1-4-1), and (ii) dual status disclosure requirements (Rule 7-1-1). Rule 1-4-1 clarifies the education requirements for individual mortgage broker applicants and licensees. Rule 7-1-1 finds that an individual’s dual status (i.e., acting as a mortgage broker and real estate broker in a single transaction) is a material fact that must be disclosed to the borrower. A dual status mortgage broker must complete and submit a disclosure form to the borrower within three business days after receipt of a loan application or any moneys from a borrower. The final text of Rules 1-4-1 and 7-1-1 was published in the February 10, 2009 Colorado Register and both rules became effective March 2, 2009. 

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