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Illinois Governor Signs Legislation Relating to Residential Property Foreclosures

State Issues

On July 31, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed two bills (HB 3863 and HB 153) amending the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure in connection with residential property foreclosures. Among other things, HB 3863 requires certain entities - such as lenders acting in the capacity of a mortgagee in possession of REO - to (i) make a good faith effort to ascertain the identities and addresses of all known occupants of the property, and (ii) notify known occupants that such property has been acquired, as well as provide information about the new ownership and occupants’ rights. HB 3863 becomes effective 90 days after July 31. For a foreclosure action filed on or before the effective date of the amendments, the relevant entities will have an additional 60 days to comply with the new provisions. HB 153 requires any deed executed pursuant to the Mortgage Foreclosure Act (or similar judgment vesting title by a consent foreclosure) to state the grantee’s or mortgagee’s name, the name of a contact person, street and mailing address, and telephone number. HB 153 became effective July 31.

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