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FTC Enhances Confidentiality of Investigations and Proposes Rule to Expedite Investigatory Processes



On January 13, by a vote of 5-0, the FTC adopted a new rule of practice (Rule 2.17) that streamlines internal procedures for staff seeking a court order to prevent investigation targets from learning about subpoenas and civil investigative demands issued by the FTC. The rule allows individual FTC Commissioners or the FTC’s general counsel to authorize the filing of a court action to delay notification to individuals required under the Right to Financial Privacy Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act when the FTC is seeking records from financial institutions or service providers.

Also on January 13, the FTC proposed additional changes to Parts 2 and 4 of its Rules of Practice to expedite Commission investigations and ensure that the FTC’s investigatory processes keep pace with electronic discovery advances. Among the proposed changes is a requirement for an accelerated meet-and-confer schedule to resolve electronic discovery disputes, as well as a proposal to relieve parties of their obligations to preserve documents after a year passes with no written communication from the FTC. The public can comment on the proposed rule changes through March 23, 2012.

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