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Senator Expands Data Broker Investigation

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Privacy, Cyber Risk & Data Security

On September 25, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) released letters he recently sent to 12 popular “personal finance, health, and family-focused websites” for assistance in an ongoing Senate Commerce Committee investigation into the way data brokers collect and share personal information. According to Senator Rockefeller, the letters were sent in part because “several data brokers have refused to disclose to the Committee specific sources of consumer data, preventing the Committee from fully understanding how the industry operates.” Senator Rockefeller began this investigation in October 2012 with letters to a number of data brokers. In connection with this latest round of letters, the Senator states that “hundreds of thousands of websites that gather information directly from consumers may be a source of consumer information for data brokers,” and that he believes some websites’ privacy policies “leave room for sharing a consumer’s information with data brokers or other third parties.” The Senate investigation parallels an investigation by members of the House of Representatives and the FTC’s ongoing activity with regard to data brokers.

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