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OFAC Updates Cuba-Related Frequently Asked Questions


Federal Issues

On April 21, OFAC updated its list of frequently asked questions related to Cuba. The updated document includes eight new FAQs clarifying (i)  that Section 515.584(d) of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACR) permits authorized U-turn transactions to originate or terminate at foreign branches and subsidiaries of U.S. banking institutions; (ii) due diligence expectations for banks processing an authorized U-turn transaction from a sanctions compliance perspective; (iii)  that the importation into the United States of goods previously exported to Cuba for servicing requires a specific license; (iv) requirements regarding the export and reexportation of mixed-origin goods to Cuba; (v) that persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction may provide insurance-related services to persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction and engaging in authorized activity in Cuba; (vi) OFAC license requirements for insurance-related services; (vii) that educational grants, scholarships, or awards may be given to a Cuban state-owned entity; and (viii) the circumstances under which  a person subject to U.S. jurisdiction is authorized to purchase or lease real property in Cuba.

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