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FTC to Host Fourth Start with Security Event

FTC Privacy/Cyber Risk & Data Security Vendor Management

Privacy, Cyber Risk & Data Security

On June 15, the FTC will host its fourth Start with Security event in Chicago, Illinois. Featuring agency representatives Todd Kossow, Maureen Ohlhausen, Cora Han, Jim Trilling, Steve Wernikoff, and Andrea Arias, as well as security experts from various industries, the Start with Security event is intended to provide companies with tips for implementing effective data security. The event will host the following four panels: (i) Building a Security Culture; (ii) Integrating Security into the Development Pipeline; (iii) Considering Security when Working with Third Parties; and (iv) Recognizing and Addressing Network Security Challenges. A full day event, the panels “will address how companies can create and prioritize a culture of security, how to integrate security into the development pipeline, what security issues to consider when a company works with third parties, and how to recognize and address network security challenges.”

As recently noted in its 2015 Annual Highlights report, the FTC’s Start with Security efforts, including its June 2015 Guide for Business, are part of the agency’s education outreach programs designed to promote good data security practices within businesses.