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House Considers Further Narrowing FDIC Scope on Brokered Deposits

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Federal Issues

On September 27, the House Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee heard testimony on HR 4116, a bill that would affect how the FDIC determines the amount of deposits at insured banks that qualify as “brokered deposits.” The Federal Deposit Insurance Act currently requires larger premiums for banks with higher ratios of brokered deposits as compared to traditional deposits. This bill would exclude reciprocal deposits from the definition of brokered deposits where the condition of the institution at its most recent examination was adjudged either good or outstanding, or where the total reciprocal deposits of the institution do not exceed either $10 billion or 20% of its total liabilities.  This narrowed scope of brokered deposits would come on the heels of the FDIC’s decision to exclude smaller community banks from including reciprocal deposits are brokered deposits announced earlier this year.

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