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Florida allows 60 - 90 day payday loan

Lending State Issues State Legislation Payday Lending


On March 19, the Florida governor signed legislation, SB 920, which authorizes the lending of an additional type of payday loan (referred to as, “deferred presentment installment transaction”). The legislation now allows loans under $1,000 that have a repayment term between 60 and 90 days with maximum fees of 8 percent of the outstanding transaction balance charged on a biweekly basis. Fees must be calculated using a simple interest calculation. Previously, Florida only authorized small-dollar loans under $500 that had repayment terms between seven and 30 days (referred to as, “deferred presentment transaction[s]”).

The expansion of the allowable small-dollar loans, appears to be in response to the CFPB’s final rule addressing payday loans, vehicle titles loans, and certain other extensions of credit (previously covered in a Buckley Sandler Special Alert), which covers most transactions with repayment terms of less than 45 days. While the CFPB’s rule became effective on January 16, compliance for most of the rule’s provisions is not required until August 2019. Moreover, in January, the CFPB announced its plan to reconsider the final rule (covered by InfoBytes here).

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