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Arizona creates first state regulatory sandbox for fintech innovation

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On March 22, the Governor of Arizona signed HB 2434, which creates the first state “sandbox” program for companies to test innovative financial products or services without certain regulatory requirements. Arizona’s Regulatory Sandbox Program (RSP) will be administered by the state Attorney General and requires, among other things, that applicants describe the innovation desired to be tested, including an explanation of potential benefits and risks to consumers. Within 90 days, the Attorney General will notify the applicant if they are approved for the program. Details of the RSP program include a window of 24 months to test the product, requirements for seeking extensions to that time limit, a cap on the number of individuals who may participate in testing a product, and required disclosures to consumers. Participants are required to retain records and documents produced in the normal court of business for their product, and the Attorney General is allowed to seek those records and to establish regular reporting requirements. The RSP also places additional restrictions on certain participants, including consumer lenders and money transmitters, and requires compliance with Arizona consumer financial laws and all statutory limits and caps related to financial transactions.

The RSP is effective on April 26 and terminates on July 1, 2028.