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Former Barbados Minister of Industry charged with money laundering

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Financial Crimes

On August 6, the Department of Justice announced the arrest and first court appearance of a former Minister of Industry of Barbados who DOJ has charged with “laundering bribes that he allegedly received from a Barbadian insurance company in exchange for official actions he took to secure government contracts for the insurance company.” The indictment, which was initially issued under seal on March 15, charges him with one count of conspiracy to launder money and two counts of money laundering. It also seeks forfeiture of the funds he received as alleged bribes. The indictment alleges that as Minister of Industry, he caused an agency of the Barbados Government to renew two contracts with the Barbadian insurance company. In return, the insurance company purportedly paid him approximately $36,000, routing the payments through a dental company and its bank account located in New York. The indictment also references as co-conspirator, but does not name, the CEO of the dental company, a United States citizen and resident of Tampa, Florida. He is also a lawful permanent resident of Tampa, Florida.

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