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CFPB settles with Illinois debt collector

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Federal Issues

On August 28, the CFPB announced a settlement with an Illinois-based debt collection company to resolve allegations that the company engaged in improper debt collection tactics in violation of the Consumer Financial Protection Act and the FDCPA. Among other things, the company allegedly engaged in deceptive acts and practices by (i) threatening consumers with arrest, lawsuits, liens on their homes, and wage garnishment that the company did not plan on initiating; (ii) misrepresenting to consumers that company employees were attorneys; and (iii) informing consumers that their credit reports would be negatively affected if they failed to pay even though the company does not report consumer debts to credit-reporting agencies. While the company neither admitted nor denied the allegations, it has agreed to pay $36,878 in redress to harmed consumers and a $200,000 civil money penalty.

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