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FDIC guide encourages fintech/bank partnerships

Agency Rule-Making & Guidance FDIC Fintech Third-Party Risk Management

Agency Rule-Making & Guidance

On February 24, the FDIC’s technology lab, FDiTech, announced the release of a new guide intended to assist fintech companies and other third parties with bank partnerships. Conducting Business with Banks: A Guide for Fintechs and Third Parties identifies several areas for third parties to consider when exploring potential partnerships with banks relevant to navigating regulatory requirements and due diligence processes. These include being able to: (i) “[u]nderstand the framework of laws and regulations” applicable to banks, such as those “related to consumer protection, privacy and data security, . . . the Bank Secrecy Act[,] and federal anti-money laundering laws”; (ii) “[m]aintain a well-managed and financially strong business”; (iii) respond to requests for information from potential partners that demonstrate “product integrity, risk management mitigation, and consumer protection”; and (iv) demonstrate the ability to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable laws and regulations and that appropriate monitoring systems have been implemented. In addition, the guide also outlines special considerations for modelers, and emphasizes that banks will expect to understand a third party’s use of models and algorithms or other automated decision-making systems.

As previously covered by InfoBytes, FDiTech was established in 2019 to encourage innovation within the banking industry, support collaboration for piloting new products and services, eliminate regulatory uncertainty, and manage risks.

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