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Montana Department of Administration provides relief to escrow businesses, mortgage servicers, and mortgage license applicants

State Issues Covid-19 Montana Mortgages Licensing

State Issues

On March 24, the Montana Department of Administration adopted a temporary emergency rule providing relief to Montana escrow businesses, mortgage servicers, and applicants for mortgage licenses. The rule provides persons licensed under the Montana Regulation of Escrow Businesses Act with an extension of 30 days (to May 30, 2020) to file the Montana Escrow Business Annual Financial Statement and Escrow Activities Report. The rule also extends the time period in which mortgage servicers must submit quarterly reports for the quarter ending March 31, 2020, to June 14, 2020. The time period prescribed for mortgage license applications is temporarily extended by 60 days to allow applicants for an initial license a total of 120 days following the department’s notice of deficiency to provide the documents or information before the application will be deemed abandoned.

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