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Fed announces temporary increase of intraday credit by Federal Reserve Banks

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Federal Issues

On April 23, the Federal Reserve (Fed) announced that it temporarily increased the availability of intraday credit that can be provided by the Federal Reserve Banks. In its policy statement, the Fed stated that it will automatically suspend net debit caps and waive overdraft fees to assist primary credit institutions, which are “eligible to borrow under the Federal Reserve’s primary credit program for the discount window.” In addition, the Fed announced that its max cap procedure will be streamlined to enable secondary credit institutions—which are “eligible only for the Reserve Banks’ secondary credit discount window program”—to utilize the max cap program to “request collateralized capacity from their Reserve Banks,” and will waive the requirement to obtain a self-assessed net debit cap and board resolution before requesting a max cap. The Fed’s actions are effective as of April 24 and will terminate on September 30.

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