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CFPB issues TRID interpretive rule, ECOA FAQ

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Federal Issues

On April 29, the CFPB issued an interpretive rule (IR) “clarifying that consumers can exercise their rights to modify or waive certain required waiting periods” in order to allow borrowers impacted by Covid-19 to access mortgage credit faster. The IR states that if, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a mortgage borrower determines that a mortgage transaction must be completed prior to the end of the waiting period for either the TRID Rule or the Regulation Z right of rescission rule, the borrower may waive the waiting period. Further, the IR asserts that the Covid-19 pandemic qualifies as a “changed circumstance” for purposes of certain TRID Rule provisions, permitting the use of revised estimates of settlement charges. In addition, the Bureau issued a frequently asked question that addresses the Equal Credit Opportunity Act Valuations Rule, which states that a first-lien loan borrower may also waive the requirement that a lender provide the borrower with appraisals and valuations at or before settlement of the loan.

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