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Michigan prohibits removal or exclusion of tenant or mobile home owner from their home

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State Issues

On May 14, the Michigan governor issued an executive order temporarily prohibiting the entry to premises to remove or exclude a tenant or mobile home owner from their home, except for certain limited reasons. While the executive order does not prohibit a landlord or vendor from receiving payment or making a demand for rent or executory contract payment, such a demand may not include a threat of possession or forfeiture based on nonpayment. Officers also may not serve process requiring forfeiture of leased residential premises or residential premises held under a forfeited executory contract. The prohibitions are effective immediately and will continue until June 11, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. Further, until 30 days after any restrictions on eviction in the executive order expire, any statutory limits on the Michigan courts to adjourn proceedings, toll redemption periods or limitations periods, or extend any deadlines, are suspended.

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