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Washington amends and extends proclamations regarding state of emergency, garnishments, and accrual of interest

State Issues Covid-19 Washington Debt Collection

State Issues

On May 15, the Washington governor issued Proclamation 20-49.1, which amends and extends Proclamations 20-05 (declaring a state of emergency) and 20-49 (regarding garnishments and accrual of interest). Proclamation 20-49 was previously covered here. Proclamations 20-05 and 20-49 are amended to (i) recognize the extension of statutory waivers and suspensions by the Washington legislature until the sooner of the termination of the Covid-19 state of emergency or 11:59p.m. on May 21, 2020, whichever is first, and (ii) similarly extend the prohibitions contained in those proclamations until the earlier of the aforementioned dates.

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