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D.C. law creates new requirements for debt collection, creditor reporting, and mortgage servicing during the Covid-19 pandemic

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State Issues

On June 8, the mayor of D.C. signed the Coronavirus Support Congressional Review Emergency Amendment Act, which amended and consolidated four existing emergency acts passed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic (including the Coronavirus Omnibus Emergency Amendment Act and Foreclosure Moratorium Emergency Amendment Act).  Among other things, the new act includes requirements for debt collection, credit reporting, remote notarizations, mortgage lending, and eviction and foreclosure moratoriums. It requires mortgage lenders to offer 90 day payment deferrals, waive late fees, and cease negative credit reporting, subject to specific requirements. It also prohibits initiating or conducting foreclosure sales on residential mortgages for the duration of the Covid-19 public health emergency and for 60 days thereafter, subject to certain specified limitations, and prohibits residential and commercial evictions during the same time period.  

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