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New York Department of Financial Services adopts emergency measure to provide relief to insureds

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State Issues

On June 28, the New York Department of Financial Services adopted an emergency measure that amends the insurance regulations to provide relief to policyholders, contract holders, and insureds who can demonstrate financial hardship relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. Among other things, the emergency measure: (i) provides that premiums remitted by a creditor will be assumed to provide coverage under a credit life or credit unemployment insurance policy for insured debtors whose payments are not more than three months overdue; (ii) provides certain protections for insureds who do not make timely premium payments to certain insurance entities; and (iii) prohibits a premium finance agency from cancelling an insurance policy due to an insured’s failure to make a timely installment payment for a period of at least 90 days, if the insured can demonstrate financial hardship due to Covid-19, and subject to the safety and soundness of the premium finance agency. 

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