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Colorado amends and extends executive order relating to evictions

State Issues Covid-19 Colorado Evictions Mortgages

State Issues

On July 12, the Colorado governor issued Executive Order 2020 134, which amends and extends Executive Order 2020 101, which imposed limitations on certain evictions to provide relief to tenants affected by Covid-19. Among other changes, the amendments require landlords to provide tenants with 30 days’ notice of any default for nonpayment of rent occurring on or after March 10, during which time the tenant has a one-time opportunity to cure the default. Municipalities and other local jurisdictions are encouraged to suspend limitations on, among other things, the number of unrelated persons that can live in a single household to enable homeowners to provide rooms to those in need of housing. Executive Order 2020 101 is extended until 30 days from July 12, 2020, unless otherwise extended.

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