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FDIC seeks input on voluntary certification of innovative technologies

Agency Rule-Making & Guidance FDIC Fintech Third-Party Risk Management

Agency Rule-Making & Guidance

On July 20, the FDIC issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking input on whether a public/private standard-setting partnership and voluntary certification program could be established to (i) promote the efficient and effective adoption of innovative technologies at supervised financial institutions; and (ii) support financial institutions’ efforts to implement innovative models, manage risk, and conduct due diligence of third-party fintech firms. The RFI is being issued as part of the agency’s FDiTech initiative (covered by InfoBytes here), which was established in 2019 to encourage innovation within the banking industry (particularly at community banks), support collaboration for piloting new products and services, eliminate regulatory uncertainty, and manage risks.

The FDIC stated that establishing a standards-setting body, developed by regulators and industry stakeholders, would help promote innovation across the banking sector and streamline the vetting process for fintech partners. The agency noted that a voluntary certification program could assist in standardizing due diligence practices and reduce costs for financial institutions that choose to participate. Additionally, the FDIC emphasized that it “is especially interested in information on models and technology services developed and provided by [fintechs].” Comments are due 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.