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FDIC announces hurricane and wildfire relief

Federal Issues FDIC Disaster Relief

Federal Issues

On October 23, the FDIC issued FIL-100-2020 and FIL-101-2020 to provide regulatory relief to financial institutions and help facilitate recovery in areas of Louisiana and California. Specifically, FIL-100-2020 outlines relief for areas of Louisiana affected by Hurricane Delta from October 6 through October 10, and FIL-101-2020 provides relief for areas of California affected by wildfires since September 4 .

The guidance notes that the FDIC will consider the unusual circumstances faced by institutions affected by the hurricane and wildfires. The guidance suggests that institutions work with impacted borrowers to, among other things: (i) extend repayment terms; (ii) restructure existing loans; or (iii) ease terms for new loans to those affected by the severe weather, provided the measures are “done in a manner consistent with sound banking practices.” Additionally, the FDIC notes that institutions may receive favorable Community Reinvestment Act consideration for community development loans, investments, and services in support of disaster recovery. The FDIC states it will also consider relief from certain reporting and publishing requirements.

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