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CFPB hosts 5th Research Conference

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Federal Issues

On May 27, the CFPB published a blog post discussing the Bureau’s 5th Research Conference held earlier in the month. During the conference, academics and policymakers presented research covering several consumer finance areas, addressing topics including (i) racial disparities in homeownership, bankruptcy outcomes, and access to credit; (ii) the need to improve the industry’s understanding of the Community Reinvestment Act; (iii) the evolution of credit scores across economic cycles; (iv) the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on consumer finances and credit markets; (v) credit use and spending patterns among the economically vulnerable—one of the areas where the Bureau hopes to expand its research and policy agenda; and (vi) disclosures and consumer decision-making. Recorded videos of the event as well as links to most of the research papers are available on the blog post.

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