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Florida issues telephone solicitation restrictions

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State Issues

On June 29, the Florida governor signed SB 1120, which prohibits telephone solicitations and sales calls involving an “automated system for the selection or dialing of telephone numbers or the playing of a recorded message” without first receiving the prior express written consent of the called party. Among other things, the act (i) provides a “rebuttable presumption that a telephonic sales call made to any area code in this state is made to a Florida resident or to a person in this state at the time of the call”; (ii) provides a private right of action to enjoin such violations or recover the greater of actual damages  or $500; and (iii) authorizes a court to increase the amount of the award for willful and knowing violations. Additionally, Florida law is amended to provide that it is an unlawful act or practice to, among other things, make “[m]ore than three commercial telephone solicitation phone calls from any number to a person over a 24-hour period on the same subject matter or issue, regardless of the phone number used to make the call.” Additionally, companies may not use technology to “deliberately display a different caller identification number than the number the call is originating from to conceal the true identity of the caller.” The act takes effect July 1.

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