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Massachusetts investigating data breach

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State Issues

On September 14, the Massachusetts attorney general announced the launch of an investigation to determine if an international wireless carrier had proper safeguards in place to protect consumer and mobile device information after a major data breach that allegedly compromised personally-identifying information of more than 50 million people. According to the  carrier’s announcement, in July, the carrier experienced a breach where personally-identifying information, such as names, drivers’ license information, Social Security numbers, and addresses, among other things, of approximately 13.1 million current customers and 40 million former and prospective customers were compromised. According to the AG, the office is also investigating the circumstances of the breach and the steps the company is taking to address it and notify consumers. The AG urged affected consumers to take precautions “to ensure their information is safe, and to prevent identity theft and fraud” as the carrier continues to contact individuals. She also encouraged customers to utilize the free theft protection services being offered by the carrier, such as scam and account take-over protection for their cell phones, and to take precautionary steps, such as placing a credit freeze on credit reports.

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