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FTC reaches $6.4 million settlement with remaining defendants in robocalling suit

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Federal Issues

On September 20, the FTC announced a proposed settlement order resolving charges against the remaining participants in a cruise line telemarketing operation allegedly aimed at marketing free cruise packages to consumers. The FTC alleged the defendants participated in unfair acts or practices in violation of the FTC Act and the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) by, among other things, placing illegal telemarketing robocalls, calling phone numbers on the FTC’s Do No Call Registry, calling consumers who asked not to be called, and transmitting false caller ID information. Under the proposed order, the defendants are permanently banned from engaging in or making telemarketing robocalls, and are also banned from engaging in abusive telemarketing, calling numbers on the Do Not Call Registry (unless express consent is given or other conditions are met), blocking or misrepresenting caller ID information, and violating the TSR. The order also imposes a $6.4 million civil money penalty against the defendants, which will be partially waived once the two individual defendants who controlled four of the corporations involved in the operation each pay a $50,000 civil money penalty. Two other settlement agreements were reached in 2020 with the other defendants (covered by InfoBytes here).

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