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OCC consent order addresses risk management at mortgage servicer

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Federal Issues

On October 26, the OCC issued a consent order against a leading subservicer of mortgage loans for allegedly maintaining inadequate risk management controls related to its servicing and default servicing activities. According to the OCC, the bank’s “internal controls and risk management practices do not support the current risk profile and size of the [b]ank’s mortgage sub-servicing portfolio, which is an unsafe or unsound practice.” The OCC also asserted that the bank had previously been informed about the alleged risk management deficiencies and did not take timely corrective action. Under the terms of the consent order, the bank is required, among other things, to take comprehensive corrective measures, including developing and implementing internal controls that are “commensurate with the types and complexity of risks associated with all transactions the [b]ank executes.” The bank is also required to implement an effective default operations program for its loss mitigation, foreclosure, and claims activities to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and GSE requirements. The order also requires the bank to receive a non-objection from OCC prior to onboarding new clients or before paying dividends to shareholders while the order is in effect. The order does not indicate any specific violations of consumer protection laws and does not contain a civil money penalty. The bank did not admit or deny the allegations.

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