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OCC urges bank boards to promote climate risk management

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Federal Issues

On November 8, acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael J. Hsu discussed climate change risk at the OCC headquarters, highlighting areas for large bank boards of directors to consider when promoting and accelerating improvements in climate risk management practices. According to Hsu, bank boards play a “pivotal role” in actions against climate change, which poses significant risks to the financial system. Hsu compared credit risk management and climate risk management, stating that “strong credit risk management capabilities can provide the assurance and confidence needed for a bank to make risky credit decisions prudently, strong climate risk management capabilities can enable the same prudent risk taking with regards to climate-related business opportunities.” Additionally, Hsu noted that, by the end of this year, the OCC will issue a high-level framework guidance for large banks regarding climate risk management. Hsu also outlined several areas for board members to consider, including evaluating an institution’s overall exposure to climate change, estimating the exposure to a carbon tax, and assessing an institution’s most acute vulnerabilities to climate change events. Hsu stated that “now is the time” to identify and understand vulnerabilities impacting continuity and disaster recovery planning.