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Borrowers may request SBA loan review of partially forgiven PPP loans

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Federal Issues

On January 27, SBA issued Procedural Notice 5000-827666 outlining a new process for borrowers to request an SBA loan review of partially approved forgiveness decisions by their Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) lenders. Effective immediately, when a PPP lender receives a forgiveness remittance from SBA on a partial approval decision (including instances when the lender required a borrower to apply for forgiveness in an amount less than the full amount of the loan), the lender must inform the borrower that the borrower has 30 calendar days from receipt of the notification to seek an SBA loan review of the lender’s partial approval decision. The lender must then notify SBA within 5 calendar days of receiving the borrower’s timely request for review. If SBA selects the loan for review, the borrower must continue to make payments on the remaining balance. Additionally, SBA noted that borrowers should be aware that the agency “may determine that the borrower is entitled to forgiveness in an amount less than what the [l]ender decided (including zero if, for example, the borrower is determined to be ineligible for the PPP loan), an amount more than what the [l]ender decided, or the same amount as the [l]ender decided.” The SBA notice outlined details related to forgiveness payment remittances resulting from a partial approval loan review, and noted that SBA will provide lenders additional guidance through the platform, including step-by-step instructions. The notice expires January 1, 2023.

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