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Agencies seek to update administrative enforcement proceedings

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On March 22, the Federal Reserve Board, OCC, FDIC, and NCUA issued an interagency proposal to update policies and procedures governing administrative proceedings for supervised financial institutions. According to the proposal, the amendments are necessary to account for the routine use of electronic presentations in hearings and for use of technology in administrative proceedings, and to account for relevant legal developments since the rules were last updated, including the abolishment of the Office of Thrift Supervision, and the grant of new authorities to the agencies. Additionally, according to the proposal, the Fed “proposes to codify and clarify its long-standing practices concerning the conduct of formal administrative investigations and promulgate rules governing all formal investigations of organizations and individuals within the Board’s jurisdiction.” Finally, the FDIC proposes to amend its rules of administrative proceeding to permit greater use of depositions in the course of administrative proceedings.

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