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CFPB announces meetings for small business lending data reporting

Federal Issues CFPB Dodd-Frank Small Business Lending Debt Collection Section 1071

Federal Issues

On August 8, the CFPB announced that it is hosting two events to discuss the technical implementation required to prepare for the Bureau’s Small Business Lending Data Collection Rulemaking, which is a requirement under Section 1071 of the Dodd-Frank Act. According to the Bureau, the meetings will be geared toward in-house bank technologists or providers that provide compliance software to banks. Among other things, the meetings will: (i) share how the Bureau builds regulatory compliance technology systems; (ii) discuss possible approaches to authentication and application programming interfaces; and (iii) review technical data submission standards, edits and validations. The Bureau stated that the meetings “will not discuss or seek input on the merits or potential outcome of any ongoing rulemakings or take questions pertaining to the substance of such rulemakings.” According to the CFPB’s spring rulemaking agenda that was released earlier this summer, a final rule is expected in March 2023 (covered by InfoBytes here).