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Chopra considers banking to be “under threat”

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On August 10, CFPB Director Rohit Chopra discussed the digital market before the 2022 National Association of Attorneys General Presidential Summit. In his remarks, Chopra first discussed the evolution of advertising models over time, describing how the persuasion of advertising continues to be used to target an individual based on “voluminous amounts of personal data.” Chopra also discussed HUD’s 2019 complaint against a social media platform, stating that it “illustrates the stark differences between traditional advertising and today’s digital marketing.” According to Chopra, the social media platform “helped advertisers limit the audience for ads and enabled advertisers to target specific groups of people to the exclusion of protected classes.” Chopra further noted that “state attorneys general have already begun to recognize that these platforms are not passive advertisers.” Chopra also noted that the CFPB recently issued an interpretive rule explaining that the service provider exemption for “time or space” will typically not apply to the digital marketing services offered by major platforms (covered by InfoBytes here). Chopra described that though “they may be providing space for ads, these firms are commingling many other features that go well beyond the exemption.” To conclude, Chopra expressed that “banking is under threat.” He described that “sensitive data is viewed as more valuable to firms than our actual selves,” and that “advances in technology should help our economy and society advance, rather than incentivizing a rush to seize our sensitive financial data and to allow tech giants to evade existing laws that other firms must comply with.”