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California requires consumer credit contract notices to be provided in multiple languages

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State Issues

On August 15, the California governor signed SB 633, which expands the obligation of creditors who obtain more than one person’s signature on a consumer credit contract when providing cosigners a notice regarding their obligation if the borrower does not pay the debt. Under existing law, these notices had to be provided in English and in Spanish. A creditor who provides a consumer a contract in a foreign language will now have to provide the cosigner notice in the language in which the contract is written. In addition to expanding the languages the notice must be provided in, the required cosigner notice must be provided even if the individuals are married to each other. SB 633 also requires the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation to provide translations of these notices on its website by January 1, 2023, along with any translations of languages later added to state law. Additionally, notice must be provided only on a separate sheet preceding the contract.