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FDIC, FinCEN release results of digital identity tech sprint

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On September 9, the FDIC and FinCEN announced key takeaways and solution summaries from a recent “Tech Sprint” to develop solutions for banks and regulators to help measure the effectiveness of digital identity proofing. As previously covered in InfoBytes, in January, the FDIC’s technology lab, FDiTech, and FinCEN announced the launch of a Tech Sprint challenging participants “to develop solutions for financial institutions and regulators to help measure the effectiveness of digital identity proofing—the process used to collect, validate, and verify information about a person.” The FDIC and FinCEN sought solutions that included, among other things: (i) increasing efficiency and account security; (ii) reducing fraud and other forms of identity-related crime; (iii) reducing the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing; and (iv) fostering customer confidence in the digital banking environment.

The Tech Sprint resulted in proposed solutions that followed one of three distinct approaches: (i) tools that would measure the effectiveness of identity proofing systems; (ii) development of a scoring methodology for remote identity proofing; and (iii) envisioning an identity provider consortium or platform. The release also noted that multiple participating teams referenced the use of source verification, interoperability, and emerging technologies such as zero knowledge proofs and multi-party computation for secure, privacy-protecting data sharing.

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