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CFPB blogs about challenging inaccurate appraisals

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Federal Issues

On October 6, the CFPB released a blog post regarding mortgage borrowers’ ability to challenge inaccurate appraisals through the reconsideration of value process (ROV). Among other things, the CFPB explained that “[a] lender’s reconsideration of value process must ensure that all borrowers have an opportunity to explain why they believe that a valuation is inaccurate and the benefit of a reconsideration to determine whether an adjustment is appropriate.” As required under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act Valuations Rule, the Bureau explained that some lenders include information regarding how to request a ROV in appraisals and other home valuations. The Bureau further noted that when lenders provide clear, plain-language notice of ROV opportunities to borrowers, lenders help ensure that their ROV process is nondiscriminatory. Lenders that do not have a clear and consistent method to ensure that borrowers can seek a ROV may risk violating federal law. The Bureau added that it has taken steps to implement legal requirements to limit bias in algorithmic appraisals, and that regulators are also providing more oversight over the activities of the Appraisal Foundation.