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Fed releases Supervision and Regulation Report

Bank Regulatory Federal Issues Digital Assets Federal Reserve Supervision Climate-Related Financial Risks

Recently, the Federal Reserve Board released its Supervision and Regulation Report, which summarizes banking system conditions and the Fed’s supervisory and regulatory activities. The current report noted that even though the “vast majority of firms maintained capital above regulatory minimums,” and loan delinquencies were historically low with liquidity levels generally remaining high, increasing economic uncertainty “may create new risks for firms to manage.” In response, firms increased credit loss provisions during the first half of 2022 and started taking measures to prepare for weaker economic conditions. The report also revealed that while the financial condition of large banks generally remains sound, firms should take steps to ensure their stress analyses, liquidity, and capital positions are able to adjust to developing market conditions. The report also highlighted recent regulatory actions, including supervisory guidance issued in August for banks seeking to engage in crypto-asset-related activities (covered by InfoBytes here). The Fed commented that it will continue to work with the OCC and FDIC on crypto-asset-related policy initiatives. The report also discussed operational risks related to the transition from LIBOR to an alternative interest rate benchmark and measures to address climate change implications for banks.