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SEC awards whistleblowers more than $12 million

Securities SEC Enforcement Whistleblower


On March 31, the SEC announced awards totaling more than $12 million to two whistleblowers whose information and assistance led to a successful SEC enforcement action. According to the redacted order, the first whistleblower prompted the opening of the investigation and provided information on violations that would otherwise have been difficult to detect, including by identifying key witnesses and helping enforcement staff understand complex fact patterns and issues concerning the matters under investigation. This information was also used to create an investigative plan and craft initial document requests. Citing the first whistleblower’s persistent efforts to remedy the issues, and the fact that the information was received several years before the second whistleblower’s information, the SEC said the first whistleblower will receive more than $9 million. The second whistleblower will receive $3 million for submitting important information “as a percipient witness” during the course of the investigation on topics that went beyond what the first whistleblower had been able to provide.