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Agencies propose ROV guidance

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Agency Rule-Making & Guidance

On June 8, the CFPB joined the Federal Reserve Board, FDIC, NCUA, and the OCC to request comments on proposed interagency guidance relating to reconsiderations of value (ROV) for residential real estate valuations. The proposed guidance advises financial institutions on policies that would afford consumers an opportunity to introduce evidence that was not previously considered in the original appraisal. The proposal references the occurrence of “deficiencies” in real estate valuations, which can be due to errors or omissions, valuation methods, assumptions, or other factors. According to the proposed guidance, these kind of valuation deficiencies can “prevent individuals, families, and neighborhoods from building wealth through homeownership by potentially preventing homeowners from accessing accumulated equity, preventing prospective buyers from purchasing homes, making it harder for homeowners to sell or refinance their homes, and increasing the risk of default.” Also noted is the risk non-credible valuations pose to financial institutions, which may lead to loan losses, violations of law, fines, civil money penalties, damages, and civil litigation.

The proposed guidance (i) provides direction on how ROVs overlap with appraisal independence requirements and compliance with relative laws and regulations; (ii) identifies how financial institutions can implement and improve existing ROV policies while remaining compliant with regulations, preserving appraiser independence, and being responsive to consumers; (iii) explains how deficiencies can pose risk to financial institutions and describes how ROV policies should be factored into risk management functions; and (iv) provides examples of ROV policies, procedures, control systems, and complaint processes to address deficient valuations.

Comments on the proposed guidance are due within 60 days of publication in the Federal Register.