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SEC awards more than $28 million to seven whistleblowers

Securities Enforcement Whistleblower


On December 22, 2023, the SEC announced awards totaling more than $28 million to seven whistleblowers whose information and assistance led to a successful SEC enforcement action. According to the redacted order, five of the whistleblowers provided significant information early in the investigation, participated in voluntary interviews, provided supporting documents to SEC staff, and identified key witnesses. The SEC also added that the whistleblowers made several attempts to internally report their concerns to company management. Two whistleblowers provided significantly less information than the other five later into the investigation, but still qualified for a percentage of the monetary sanctions collected in the covered action. Creola Kelly, Chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower, stated that “[t]hese whistleblowers provided valuable information and substantial assistance that played a critical role in the SEC returning millions of dollars to harmed investors.”

One claimant’s whistleblower award application was denied because they did not communicate directly with the SEC staff responsible for the Covered Action Investigation and none of the information provided by the claimant was forwarded to the responsible staff. As such, the claimant did not provide original information that led to the successful enforcement action.

Payments to whistleblowers are made out of an investor protection fund, established by Congress, which is financed entirely through monetary sanctions paid to the SEC by securities law violators.