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APPROVED Webcast: Meet Mogy

This webcast took place in conjunction with the public launch of our licensing technology platform. We call it Mogy, named after a pioneer in the field of work simplification, and the webcast will provide background on the system’s development, a breakdown of its capabilities and functionality, and how Mogy can complement your existing license management and compliance programs.

APPROVED understands the challenges of managing in-house compliance teams because we’ve done it ourselves. We built Mogy from the ground up to provide financial services companies with a dedicated licensing technology solution to keep up with increasing regulatory expectations and complexity. The result is an innovative license-management system designed to provide in-house legal and compliance professionals with the confidence that they have an accurate and comprehensive view of their licensing obligations.

Questions? Contact us at And for the latest licensing news and insights from APPROVED, be sure to visit our blog or follow us on Twitter.