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C-Suite Review

C-Suite Financial Services Review: Anchoring your compliance management system in today’s regulatory environment

Buckley C-Suite Financial Services Review

Caroline M. Stapleton

Financial services companies have welcomed recent efforts by the federal government to minimize regulatory burden on the industry and view this trend as opening the door to innovation, development, and expansion. Among the most pressing questions these companies face as they explore new opportunities is how to assess compliance risk and establish risk tolerances in the current regulatory environment. Increasing a company’s risk threshold has the lure of reducing compliance expense and allowing a redirection of those resources to revenue generating activities, but this strategy may have consequences as political cycles ebb and flow.

As well-established and predictable as that pattern seems, some companies will inevitably be surprised when the regulatory tide comes in again. Industry participants that stay the course on compliance risk management and controls throughout the regulatory cycle are best suited to thrive when closer regulatory scrutiny and a more muscular enforcement posture are back in force.

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